blessings in disguise

I posted this on my art account yesterday.

Today I want to restart my weekly blogging and commit to creating again.

My parents used to tell us about “blessings in disguise” – things that don’t make sense right now but are ultimately good things and part of the grand scheme of life.

I’ve experienced a decent handful of these in my personal and professional life. It’s always hard while going through them. Things feel unstable, uncertain, disorienting. But with enough time and perspective, I have come to see that things really do end up working out exactly as they needed to for my life to align with who I am becoming.

This image popped in my head while driving home from work and I had fun painting it. Each category is distinct, but sometimes it’s challenging to differentiate which area something falls into. And sometimes, the same “thing” can be in each category at different times! For example, my previous setbacks were once lessons, then pleasant surprises, then finally helped me realize the peace and fulfillment I’ve had all along.

I need to remember this as I move forward in life. The universe, God, the stars, whatever your chosen entity – has never led me astray. I need to remember this whenever I face hardships. Draw from the strength I’ve developed from previous challenges. Keep my sights set on what I know will be an unbelievably bright and magical future. Trust myself.

How can you practice faith during the tough times?

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