well, actually…

i want to use myself as an example. this is my art from 4 years ago. on the surface, this can seem like wise, insightful, clever, “you go girl!” energy. but now that i know what i know and have learned what i learned – i can so clearly see the facade here! i’m not … More well, actually…

as above, so below

this universe utterly amazes me. the photos from the webb telescope look out of this world… and at the same time, very much a part of this world. i feel like there could easily be incredibly similar images of microscopic things. everything is a mirror of itself. as above, so below the human body also … More as above, so below

men :)

i’ve said it forever, and i’ll say it until the day i die – men are beautiful. masculinity is not toxic. the patriarchy is not evil. men and women are different – and that is a good thing. we dance and rise TOGETHER by honoring each other’s nature i need meni want meni respect meni … More men 🙂


i’m softening 🌻 lately, a lot of people have been commenting that i look different. they just give me this… look… and they say i look beautiful, or that my face is somehow different. i do have invisalign, and i think on some level my bones are changing so my foundation is changing so my … More “beautiful”

unnecessarily verbose

i don’t need any qualifiers. “my most authentic self” is unnecessarily verbose. so i’ll be editing that off my website! i am “just” me 🙂 i am always myself! open and unguarded niki unleashed 🍯 View this post on Instagram A post shared by nikiunleashed (@nikiunleashed)


my greatest work of art is my life itself. i am calibrated to True North. i am on my path. i envision consciously serving people someday… but until then, and even after it happens, i trust that “just” living my life serves as an example of what is possible. to bathe in beauty. to delight … More cursive


most shoes have too much padding, squish the toes together & elevate the heel. babies have perfect feet. as we get older & stuff our feet into incorrect shoes, our feet change. if our feet/foundation are incorrect, then everything downstream will not function in the most optimal way possible. barefoot footwear allows our toes to … More downstream

like velvet

one year ago i typed the first pages of my book. since then, my story has shattered, shifted, sprung, sizzled, strengthened more than i can articulate. my book told me that she desires to be written – handWRITTEN. i saw this moleskine and immediately knew this was IT. … and yet, i hesitated. $70? really, … More like velvet


your lack ofawareness, acknowledgment, acceptancedoes notthreaten or diminishyour deepest power.not at all.your inner mostknowingisalways pulsingalways vibratingalways dripping.she is waiting.for you.to awaken to your truth.to align with your path.to embody your full range.to unleash your radiance.your Femininity is You.You are your Femininity.the portal is Here.dare you Dance through?