Human & Divine

how do i describe the indescribable?how do i articulate the inarticulable?how do i paint the invisible?how do i voice something that can only be felt, lived, experienced, cherished, savored? … on one level – i have no fucking clue. BUT i am quite proud of my Human – i wrote for this whole month! … More Human & Divine


this morning i got tolead women in my fight songduring a poetry class. i said,“poetry doesn’t have to bepretty or polite or shiny.”what poured out of them was soraw beautiful honest.i think sometimes (often)i say to others what ineedto say dreams don’t have to bepretty polite is the first day that i feltturned … More desire

forget and remember

i want to impact other people. yet, on some level, i’m writing my book for MYSELF. the lesson i’m wanting to share is the lesson i’m constantly relearning my masculine energy has gotten me quite far in life. i’ve gotten good at maneuvering, managing, calculating, being active, brute forcing in recent years, i’ve been tapping … More forget and remember

learning curve

life ain’t always pretty. that’s what makes it BEAUTIFUL! gearing up for a backpacking trip and looking through old photos. i’m sitting here cracking the fuck up at old battle scars and everything i’ve learned along the way mosquitoes LOVE me. i have no idea why, and it is certainly not mutual 😂🦟 as i … More learning curve


i love revisiting my old art. i’m 31 now, but this idea still haunts AND motivates me endlessly 😳🤤 saw this very creative, simple, powerful poster that demonstrates a 90-year human life as measured in weeks. i don’t get to know if i will get more or less time. but working the schedule i do … More weeks


i don’t know what is happening lately but goodness gracious. this feels like i have PURPOSE now. i was asleep until maybe 2 weeks ago. i finally WOKE UP FULLY. i’m not dicking around watching movies in my downtime anymore. the work is challenging, but it’s important and 2000% worth it. and it’s FUN, i’ve … More PURPOSE

favorite emojis

i feel like i make quantum leaps in growth every couple years. then i need a bit of time to rest, to integrate all the shit that changed, to let the snow settle in my snowglobe, to allow everything to really sink in and ground down i feel like i am on the precipice… yet … More favorite emojis