i love revisiting my old art. i’m 31 now, but this idea still haunts AND motivates me endlessly 😳🀀

saw this very creative, simple, powerful poster that demonstrates a 90-year human life as measured in weeks. i don’t get to know if i will get more or less time. but working the schedule i do (7 nights on/7 days off) and living the life i have lived thus far… i’ve got my work cut out for me! may this ever unfolding and delicious dance with the universe continue!

i’m going to make a pretty version of this spreadsheet and hang it up at home. it is not lost on me that my nickname from the ol’ college/grad school fraternity days is still applicable πŸ˜‚πŸ€“ “excel” nerd for life πŸ’¦

Your Life in Weeks

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