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Anyone else love doing weird things with math? Life can be unpredictable and short… but what if life can get to be long, too? I’m 30 right now and I actually really *ucking love it 😍🤩 I kind of don’t want to turn 31! 😂 What if I get to live to 60, or even … More time remaining

We Just Forgot

Wow, I drew this FOUR years ago!? I wasn’t really using Instagram at the time, so I just used part of my last name. I was wanting to start sharing more art publicly and was trying to think of a name for my handle. I wanted to start with drawing some inspirational words or images … More We Just Forgot

#AdventuringWithCreativity – Idea # 1 – Awareness – COLORS

My first 5k race 6 years ago. Before wearing glasses and a face covering were cool 😂 I didn’t want to aspirate the colored powder and figured I could just wear a buff. Worked like a charm! I thought about waiting until I had more prompts lined up, but screw it: practice what I preach! … More #AdventuringWithCreativity – Idea # 1 – Awareness – COLORS


I was window shopping while waiting to meet a friend for brunch and I saw this sign. It made me laugh instantly. I don’t need more “stuff,” so I kept browsing and killing time. Before I left, I decided I wanted it. I cracked some jokes with the owner of the small store and went … More Self-Talk

We Rise Together

Happy International Women’s Day! Today is one of my favorite holidays, and this happens to be my 60th blog post. How serendipitous! Last year, I wrote about how my perspective on femininity deepened as I moved from childhood to adulthood. This year, I’d like to share about my expanding perspective on masculinity. Thanks to a … More We Rise Together