girl, Woman, WIFE

“as above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul” – hermes trismegistus. i love how the covers of my 5-year one-line-a-day journals reflect the stories inside 💠 journal #1. 22-27yo. this was so long ago, i barely even remember it. i thought i was grown. but really i was just … More girl, Woman, WIFE

well, actually…

i want to use myself as an example. this is my art from 4 years ago. on the surface, this can seem like wise, insightful, clever, “you go girl!” energy. but now that i know what i know and have learned what i learned – i can so clearly see the facade here! i’m not … More well, actually…

as above, so below

this universe utterly amazes me. the photos from the webb telescope look out of this world… and at the same time, very much a part of this world. i feel like there could easily be incredibly similar images of microscopic things. everything is a mirror of itself. as above, so below the human body also … More as above, so below

men :)

i’ve said it forever, and i’ll say it until the day i die – men are beautiful. masculinity is not toxic. the patriarchy is not evil. men and women are different – and that is a good thing. we dance and rise TOGETHER by honoring each other’s nature i need meni want meni respect meni … More men 🙂


i’m softening 🌻 lately, a lot of people have been commenting that i look different. they just give me this… look… and they say i look beautiful, or that my face is somehow different. i do have invisalign, and i think on some level my bones are changing so my foundation is changing so my … More “beautiful”

unnecessarily verbose

i don’t need any qualifiers. “my most authentic self” is unnecessarily verbose. so i’ll be editing that off my website! i am “just” me 🙂 i am always myself! open and unguarded niki unleashed 🍯 View this post on Instagram A post shared by nikiunleashed (@nikiunleashed)


my greatest work of art is my life itself. i am calibrated to True North. i am on my path. i envision consciously serving people someday… but until then, and even after it happens, i trust that “just” living my life serves as an example of what is possible. to bathe in beauty. to delight … More cursive


most shoes have too much padding, squish the toes together & elevate the heel. babies have perfect feet. as we get older & stuff our feet into incorrect shoes, our feet change. if our feet/foundation are incorrect, then everything downstream will not function in the most optimal way possible. barefoot footwear allows our toes to … More downstream

like velvet

one year ago i typed the first pages of my book. since then, my story has shattered, shifted, sprung, sizzled, strengthened more than i can articulate. my book told me that she desires to be written – handWRITTEN. i saw this moleskine and immediately knew this was IT. … and yet, i hesitated. $70? really, … More like velvet