love letters from the single bridesmaid – quarantine edition

love letters from the (still) single bridesmaid who is now (proudly) 30-years-young There is a lot of polarity in the world, but I think one thing we can ALL agree on is that 2020 is a WILD RIDE. I was looking back through my photos and blog and completely forgot that I wrote these letters … More love letters from the single bridesmaid – quarantine edition


Maybe I’m just getting older, maybe it’s just this wild year, but PERSPECTIVE has been a huge thing for me lately. Of course things make me mad; of course I get frustrated; of course I get stuck in comparison – I’m only human. I compare myself to the artists/entrepreneurs I look up to and think … More grateful

time remaining

Anyone else love doing weird things with math? Life can be unpredictable and short… but what if life can get to be long, too? I’m 30 right now and I actually really *ucking love it 😍🤩 I kind of don’t want to turn 31! 😂 What if I get to live to 60, or even … More time remaining

We Just Forgot

Wow, I drew this FOUR years ago!? I wasn’t really using Instagram at the time, so I just used part of my last name. I was wanting to start sharing more art publicly and was trying to think of a name for my handle. I wanted to start with drawing some inspirational words or images … More We Just Forgot

#AdventuringWithCreativity – Idea # 1 – Awareness – COLORS

My first 5k race 6 years ago. Before wearing glasses and a face covering were cool 😂 I didn’t want to aspirate the colored powder and figured I could just wear a buff. Worked like a charm! I thought about waiting until I had more prompts lined up, but screw it: practice what I preach! … More #AdventuringWithCreativity – Idea # 1 – Awareness – COLORS