understanding men

these books changed my life these ebooks are 45% off til 11/30 at alisonarmstrong.com! see ch 1 for free at queenscode.com I LOVE MEN. they’re beautiful, vibrant, fun. i grew up with an incredible father, amazing brothers, and even my former lover/now friend is a great man. perhaps i got lucky, perhaps my experiences gifted … More understanding men

subtle observation

one of my favorite things to do is OBSERVE myself, others, the land, the internal, the external. some of my favorite yosemite pictures aren’t even of monumental landscapes. i was just driving and when i gasped at a field of trees or the subtle way the snow rested on the branches, i’d pull over and … More subtle observation

tend to your flame

9 years ago!? when the local paper came to our medicare class and captured us students giving each other the flu shot. i think this is still my gmail photo šŸ˜…šŸ˜‚ GET YOUR FLU SHOT! you canNOT get the flu from getting the flu shot, i promise. ask away if you have questions šŸ’ŖšŸ½ things … More tend to your flame

love letters from the single bridesmaid – quarantine edition

love letters from the (still) single bridesmaid who is now (proudly) 30-years-young There is a lot of polarity in the world, but I think one thing we can ALL agree on is that 2020 is a WILD RIDE. I was looking back through my photos and blog and completely forgot that I wrote these letters … More love letters from the single bridesmaid – quarantine edition


Maybe I’m just getting older, maybe it’s just this wild year, but PERSPECTIVE has been a huge thing for me lately. Of course things make me mad; of course I get frustrated; of course I get stuck in comparison – I’m only human. I compare myself to the artists/entrepreneurs I look up to and think … More grateful