My life has pleasantly and (sometimes) painstakingly surprised me. This past decade has been such a whirlwind. It’s hard to summarize in a collage or in (several) journal entries. I think the biggest overall lesson that I have learned is: life can, and will, surprise you. In college, I did random zumba and kick boxing … More surprises


The smallest detail can make the biggest impact. I’ve been wearing glasses since as early as the 8th grade. I’ve always enjoyed dark frames. At this year’s eye exam, I chose to go with a clear frame for the first time. I wanted to change up my style a bit and go for something fresh. … More framing

finding my balance

“Only the paradox comes anywhere near to comprehending the fullness of life.” -Carl Jung I heard this quote while listening to yet another one of Brene Brown’s incredible books, “Braving the Wilderness.” I’ve been a huge fan of her work for a long time, and I must say, she hit another one right out of … More finding my balance


Do you know the power you have within yourself? Are you even remotely aware of just HOW INFINITE a spirit is contained within your body? I feel a bit nervous writing this post as I’m not sure how it will be received and it may be considered “controversial.” I invite you to stay with me … More impact


I’ve sporadically climbed for the last 3 years. Every time I go, I am humbled by the sport, amazed (as I am with CrossFit and watching the Games every year) at the human capacity to get work done, and motivated to improve my fitness in other areas to improve my performance in this particular type … More perspective