one year later

chopped off >14″ & donated to a year ago! since then, i’ve grown ~8-9″! (haven’t gotten any trims.) maybe i’ll be super fertile when it’s time to try for kiddos 🤷🏻‍♀️🤞🏽😂 i feel healthy & grateful my mama cooked me so good! 🥰 + (if you’re curious, my extremely lazy hair regimen: use @sheamoisture’s … More one year later


i renewed my ALS again. it always puts me in a reflective mood! + “advanced life support,” previously “advanced CARDIAC life support,” is when a patient’s lungs and/or heart stop & we work to resuscitate him/her. this certificate is good for 2 years. i remember the first time i did it in 2015. (photo from … More renewal

always applicable

day 15/100 #the100dayproject #unleashingtogether + it’s okay if you feel happy or sad or lonely or grateful or ecstatic or frustrated or hopeless or hopeful or annoyed or amazed or alive or all of the above. or a mix of all of that all at the same time. today. and every day! + this phrase … More always applicable

dear future husband

dear future husband, if you are creepin’ on my page, i’m pretty low maintenance. just get me sunflowers every so often, play outside with me, and let me nap as much as i want. and listen to my random excited rants about my wiiiiiide (but interconnected!) range of interests 😅🌻 what do you need from … More dear future husband


allow my river to FLOW & allow myself to GROW still taking a break from social media but wanted to quickly pop on. i feel called to share my titles! i didn’t realize it until just now while observing the dates of these photos – my stories have been in the making for YEARS. it’s … More MY BOOK TITLES


My favorite birthday tradition since moving here has been grabbing a free medium gelato from my favorite Italian place. When I went to Italy in 2018 as a newly single woman, I was pleasantly surprised that their gelato tasted exactly like this!  Pappalecco truly is authentic.  I have been looking forward to this treat all … More tastebuds

tend your flame

sharp mind agile body young heart wise pussy the world may try to extinguish your light. don’t allow it to happen. tend to your beautiful flame, and do what you can to share your light with others 31, we’re off to a solid start! 🔥