I’ve sporadically climbed for the last 3 years. Every time I go, I am humbled by the sport, amazed (as I am with CrossFit and watching the Games every year) at the human capacity to get work done, and motivated to improve my fitness in other areas to improve my performance in this particular type … More perspective

flying solo

I have fallen in love with myself. As corny and dorky as it sounds, it is true. Took me a while and endured some tough lessons to get here, but I have arrived. This photo was taken by a new friend during my first ever cruise with WOD on the Waves. I was feeling alive, … More flying solo

snail mail

I both can and cannot believe that another holiday season is upon us. In grad school, the alumni would frequently tell us to enjoy student life and that the years go by more quickly the older you get. I’m not “old” yet, but I must say, I can already vouch for the wisdom they shared … More snail mail

spiraling upward

I’m writing about presence… again! Things have (relatively) slowed down (for now) for me.  Camping is on pause for a while.  I’m going home for the holidays 3 times in a 2 month period.  I’ve had a bit of time to slow down and take stock of how this year has been for me.  I’ve … More spiraling upward

beach body

If you have a body, and if you can go to the beach, then you already have a “beach body.” I think there is a critical difference between complacency and fully accepting yourself. The former is resting on your laurels and is a passive attitude towards life. The former is actively choosing to feel the … More beach body

keep showing up

I started this blog 1 year ago today! Time is so crazy to me. It can simultaneously fly by and drag on forever. So much can change, stay the same, deepen, strengthen, develop, evolve, and unleash within a year, or even within a 6 month period. You can read my first post here. I’ve always … More keep showing up

phone use

Fell behind on blogging again last week while in Yosemite. It’s my favorite national park and I haven’t been since I moved to San Diego. I was so happy to be back in my “home” park of shady trees, alpine air, and gorgeous bodies of running water. A handful of the national parks I’ve been … More phone use


Another season is here again. 2018 has been so big and so fast and so beautiful that it shouldn’t surprise me, but it does: can’t believe another season is here and September is almost over. I’ve dabbled in quite a bit this year. Drawing daily, blogging weekly, camping every two weeks. Felt like my streaks … More waves


Earlier this week, my vision suddenly went blurry. It didn’t go away after 30 minutes so I decided to go to the ER. I fortunately have no medical problems, so when something goes “wrong,” it’s easy for me to think “welp, this is it… I’m getting old. The deterioration starts now.” In the waiting room, … More vision