What Is Normal, Anyway?

This is a defining moment in our collective psyche.

COVID-19 and these coming weeks and months (… years!?) are part of history. YOUR personal living history. And it’s still unfolding. The world, the universe, and the human race will never be the same. Sometimes this terrifies me. Right now, it excites me and lights a fire under my ass.

I’ve been seeing sentiments on social media of “wanting things to go back to normal.” I can understand. I, too, miss certain things that I took for granted and assumed would always be available to me. But because of the current situation, I will never see things the same way. I do NOT want to go back to my old ways. I do not want to numb or distract myself out of my own life. I do not want to be insanely busy with work, then insanely busy with travel/adventures, and with no time to ever catch my breath and fully unpack my luggage. I do not want a calendar filled to the brim with plans. I want to define and build a new “normal” for myself.

I’ve always admired the decor and aesthetic of restaurants while eating out, but/and I will make more of an effort to really take in all the humans around me, breaking bread together under one roof, albiet at completely different tables. I’ve always enjoyed dancing in Vegas with my cousins (hip hop/R&B > EDM!!!), but/and I will focus more on soaking in the moment, rather than trying to capture cool stories for Instagram. I’ve always loved being active and/or being still at the beach, but/and I will deeply witness the sensations of the cool sand between my toes, the warm sun on my skin, and the fresh breeze dancing through my hair.

I want to somehow be of service and provide for needs that people have. I want to do something meaningful with my writing and my art. I want to be in my body. I want to experience the world – not just take beautiful photos, but really taste the deliciousness of life. I want to exist at a level of freedom, joy, and love that my current vibration can’t even fathom yet.

I definitely know that I do not want to go back to the way my life was “pre-‘rona.” I may not yet be able to perfectly articulate exactly how I want my life to look and feel post COVID…. but/and I’m excited to just JUMP and see how beautifully I can fly along the way.

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