What “Uncertainty” Is Trying to Tell Me

I’m doing the free 30-Day guided journey with Amber Rae to #JournalYourFeelings.

Join me by clicking the link! Below is day 2’s prompt typed up so you don’t have to read my chicken scratch.

Hey, Uncertainty, it’s me, Niki. You’re safe and welcome here. I’m here to listen. What are you trying to tell me?

Uncertainty: Whether you like it or not, and I know you tend to not like it… I am a part of life. ALWAYS. Even without all this coronavirus craziness. You don’t like me because you can’t control me. I get it, it can feel unnerving and scary to have no idea what is coming your way. I’m not a “good” thing or a “bad” thing… I’m just ME! And believe it or not – I am YOUR FRIEND. So many of your best and most memorable and most beautiful life experiences were GIFTS from ME! Failing boards by 2 freaking points. Your first relationship. Your breakup. Camping. Backpacking. Olympic weightlifting. And now, yes, the COVID-19 unfolding. It’s okay if you don’t fully trust me or see my magic yet. But I promise, I’m always acting with your best interest at heart. I’m helping you become the incredible (even moreso!) human that you are meant to be, and that the world NEEDS. I’m walking this life right next to you, and I see you, always.

Me: Wow, I forget how generous and necessary you are! Thank you for your gifts, and I’m sorry I keep forgetting how much you love me. I’m working on trusting you, and I appreciate your patience as I keep growing with you! I wonder what else you have in store for me in this lifetime!

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