anything, but not everything

The grass is always greener on the other side…

Or is it? It’s happened enough times now where I’ve realized it is pointless to wish for what I don’t (currently) have.

Did a 10+ miles hike this week in complete solitude and zero cell phone service. It was a little unnerving, but very liberating. When I ran across a human every few hours, I was so grateful to see another face. The day after, I went to Disneyland. I had a blast with my family, but by the end of it, I couldn’t get out of the crowds quickly enough.

When work is slow, I wish it would pick up a little so time wouldn’t feel at a stand still. When work is busy, I wish it would slow down a bit so I could catch my breath. When I’m having a still day, I wish for some more action and excitement. When I’m having a full, adventurous day, I wish for some peace and quiet.

The kicker is that eventually, the sensation I’m feeling passes. I go into the next wave and inevitably wish for the sensation that I was literally JUST wishing would pass! The lesson I keep relearning, and have written about on several occasions in several different contexts? BE PRESENT. This, too, shall pass… and you’re probably going to miss it after it’s gone. So enjoy and fully embrace it while it’s happening!

I can’t believe it’s already going to be Labor Day weekend. Summer weather is far from over in San Diego, but this holiday weekend somehow seems to mark the “end” of summer. I’ve gone camping/hiking every two weeks for a while now, and I’ve loved all the terrain I’ve experienced – desert, ocean, mountains, rivers, everything. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. On my last trip, I thought to myself that I wish I could have the good bits of each of them and be rid of the bad bits.

Life doesn’t work that way. I can do anything, but not everything. I can go anywhere, but not everywhere. At least, not simultaneously. This used to frustrate me to no end, but now I see the beauty in it… I have the power to choose what I do and where I go. Can’t do it all at once, but I get to choose the direction in which my life is heading. I’m excited to be truly present for every single location and every season to come!

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