nourish > numb

Anything in life can be a double-edged sword.

What matters is how I choose to wield my tools/weapons. I find it easy to argue or portray something in multiple ways to help me understand different perspectives.

This summer has been all about nourishing my own soul. Been camping a lot and having fun meeting new people. I paused the other day and had to ask myself if these actions are nourishing a deep part of me, or if I’m using them to numb myself and avoid facing other issues. Took some time but I concluded that these actions do in fact fulfill and nourish me, and bring me great joy and hilarious memories.

Anything can be good or bad, depending on how you spin it. Are you really into lifting and eating well? That could be awesome for your health, or it could be an obsessive monitoring and tracking of every calorie consumed. Are you traveling a lot? That could be an exciting way to expand your worldview, or it could be a societally acceptable way to run from your problems. Are you creating more art? That could be an amazing way to genuinely express yourself, or it could be a way to seek external validation.

I recently finished “Game of Thrones” and observed that there are several characters whom I both love AND hate. Everything in life is multi-faceted. It takes being honest and real with ourselves to differentiate and discover what our truth actually is.

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