be bold, not reckless

I love traveling solo.

It isn’t for everyone, and I thought it wouldn’t be for me. But I have grown to love it.

I love going at my own pace. Traveling with friends is also fun, but it’s a completely different dynamic. Neither is better or worse, they’re just inherently different. When in my solitude, I get to go as quickly or slowly as I want. I don’t need to consider others’ needs: hunger, tiredness, bathroom breaks, even what kind of food to eat. I get to tune in to myself and just do whatever I and I alone want to do!

I also love taking bold risks. But I think in life, and especially when traveling alone, that there is a difference between being bold and being reckless. This was a ladder at the farthest waterfall on a hike I did two days ago. Could I have climbed it? Sure, I have the capacity to climb it. But tons of rungs were missing and no one else was around. I don’t want to need to be air-lifted out of any situation. So I chose to not be reckless. Challenge and push your limits, but also know and respect them. You will grow them with time. No need to recklessly push beyond what you know.

I think it’s also important to go as far on hikes (and in life!) as you want. But keep in mind that you need to hike BACK to wherever you started! Don’t hold back from exploring, but also realize that you need to save some energy for the trek back.

Lastly, being aware of your mental and physical agility is key. I know when I’m getting fatigued, when I need a break, and when I should turn around to still make it back and be agile enough to move my body safely.

Have fun out there and be smart about it!

I know I am exhausted right now so I’m going to hit the sack. But I wanted to uphold my weekly blog (I think it’s still before midnight in California!). How can you show up for your goals, even if not 100% perfectly? Tiny gains and consistency are real!

2 thoughts on “be bold, not reckless

  1. My favorite post so far!great job Niki!

    Rajul A. Patel, PharmD, PhD Professor University of the Pacific Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences


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