the most valuable thing i offer…

sharing from the heart. i got weepy and that’s okay! i’m learning to get more comfortable in my softness and vulnerability. some things i’m unprogramming and navigating and rewriting lately…
✨ realizing my income is the least valuable thing i will bring to my marriage
✨ thinking, “doesn’t everyone see how beautiful and joyful the world is? no, this mindset is not that common? wait… so you mean my natural state is valuable?!”
✨ relaxing into the fact that i desire a man who is different and distinct from me… so calming my overworked brain by reminding myself that he desires things IN ME that are different and distinct from him 🤯🤯🤯
✨ yes i’m a good worker. yes i am grateful to serve patients and make 6 figures. AND i desire to pour aaaall this love, passion, effort, insight, work into a purpose i actually believe in. my future husband’s mission will be utterly beautiful to me. i will delightfully accept it as my own mission. i can’t wait to fire all cylinders and help make our dream into reality. and that “work” will be fun, playful, and gorgeous through MYYY unique feminine grace and touch! oh gosh this is just going to be such a BLAST. i absolutely cannot wait!

it’s an honor to learn from my teachers baba richard and sri @iamnamastemoore. it’s also so fun to read posts from and chat with @thewisdomofkings @uncagethelion @renofmen @masculinerevival. keep going, gentlemen! i respect and appreciate your work!

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