girl, Woman, WIFE

“as above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul” – hermes trismegistus. i love how the covers of my 5-year one-line-a-day journals reflect the stories inside

💠 journal #1. 22-27yo. this was so long ago, i barely even remember it. i thought i was grown. but really i was just a young kiddo figuring out how to navigate the world

✨ journal #2. 27-32yo. i explored my inner universe. i learned how to love, how to die, and how to live. i messed around with faux/woke distractions and realized how unfulfilling they were. i awakened to and unleashed the truth of my femininity. i softened into my unique embodiment of the warm radiance and peaceful delight of being a woman

🌸 journal #3. 32-37yo. my heart utterly swells up and extends outside of my body as i envision – i will become “fully human” when i bloom as a wife and mother 🥹 there is a correct order to this journey, and i am so ready to walk this infinite path with the man i was made for… wherever he is on the planet right now! these pages are ours to author, My King!

if i had to summarize each of these beauties, their titles would be…
💠 girl
✨ Woman

cheers to the next 5 years 🍯🥂🍾

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