well, actually…

i want to use myself as an example.

this is my art from 4 years ago. on the surface, this can seem like wise, insightful, clever, “you go girl!” energy. but now that i know what i know and have learned what i learned – i can so clearly see the facade here! i’m not shaming my past self at all – i love her, because she did the best she could with what she had at the time. i am merely recognizing the growth that has transpired since then! i’ve been seeing a lot of quotes online recently that seem helpful and inspiring, but in reality, they are full of shadow, faux truth, and fool’s gold.

2022 niki declares – the sun doesn’t shine in consideration of whomever is or is not worthy of its warmth. the sun is acting in alignment with its nature. the sun shines BECAUSE it is the SUN. that’s it!

so, too, may i act in alignment with my own nature. how other people do or do not respond to me has absolutely nothing to do with my actions. i shine BECAUSE i am ME. that’s it! 🍯

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