as above, so below

this universe utterly amazes me. the photos from the webb telescope look out of this world… and at the same time, very much a part of this world. i feel like there could easily be incredibly similar images of microscopic things. everything is a mirror of itself. as above, so below

the human body also utterly amazes me. i’m currently carrying all the eggs i will ever have. i’ve had them since before i was born. which means part of my future children were with me when i was in my mother’s womb… and part of me existed when my mother was in her mother’s womb

i’ve been writing letters to my future husband for almost a month now. just dawned on me that i can also write letters to my future children. i can already start to embrace them and teach them and expose them to this universe. i will get to be the vessel through which they enter this world. i can start bathing them in an environment of love, abundance, truth, and radiance. your mama is getting ready, kiddos! but first things first, i’m working on being found by your pops! 🍯

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