men :)

i’ve said it forever, and i’ll say it until the day i die – men are beautiful. masculinity is not toxic. the patriarchy is not evil. men and women are different – and that is a good thing. we dance and rise TOGETHER by honoring each other’s nature

i need men
i want men
i respect men
i love men

…and i cannot wait to be found by the one man that i will marry and create/grow/build with for the rest of my life! if there are men out there who think women don’t appreciate you, let me be one example of a woman who values men. this is legit a copy and paste from my dating profile

“i desire to be the wife of the loving, playful, family-oriented leader of a man whose heart i cherish, vision i support, and dreams i help build!”

men – thank you for being you, so that i can be me 🍯

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