my greatest work of art is my life itself. i am calibrated to True North. i am on my path. i envision consciously serving people someday… but until then, and even after it happens, i trust that “just” living my life serves as an example of what is possible. to bathe in beauty. to delight in desire. to emanate energy

i am constantly expanding, deepening, refining. i decided to begin writing in cursive again. i want to be able to write beautiful love letters to my future beloved – beautiful words, that look beautiful, and that express beauty. cursive is a skill! right now it feels awkward and takes forever. there are cobwebs to be dusted off from when i learned this in grade school. with time and intention, i know that my cursive will be utterly masterful

i was on my first solo backpacking trip a year ago and wrote a song. because i am constantly shifting, some of the lyrics no longer fit. the snake skin is too tight, the cocoon is no longer needed or wanted. i am not that Girl anymore. HA, i guess the 2nd verse still applies! i updated a few verses to accurately reflect the more grown and mature Woman i am today 🍯

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