most shoes have too much padding, squish the toes together & elevate the heel. babies have perfect feet. as we get older & stuff our feet into incorrect shoes, our feet change. if our feet/foundation are incorrect, then everything downstream will not function in the most optimal way possible. barefoot footwear allows our toes to splay & our foot muscles to do what they were made to do. then things can flow smoothly from there

like i said in my video earlier this week, algebra must be understood before attempting calculus. proper foot function must be assessed before truly addressing downstream issues. aligned masculine/feminine polarity/dynamics must be embodied before creating a loving, successful, lifelong marriage

i think it’s almost criminal what the shoe industry has done to people’s feet. i wouldn’t buy a dress that doesn’t honor my figure, or glasses that don’t support my eyes. why would i buy shoes that don’t embrace my natural feet!? i’ve loved my vans, nikes, converse, & birkenstocks for a long time. i will admit, they look “cool.” but that’s just cultural conditioning. in a sense, i could also argue it’s criminal what media has been feeding me since i was born. disney & romcom movies paint an inaccurate picture of how to intentionally create a marriage. i was listening to a backstreet boys favorite. for the first time, i was shocked at the lyrics. i stopped liking the song. “i don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did, as long as you love me.” NO! love is NOT enough! several other variables MATTER! like baba richard moore says – the only purpose of dating is for marriage. “let’s see where this goes” is the equivalent of narrow toe box nikes. NO THANK YOU!

i’m releasing shiny distractions – footwear that isn’t foot shaped. media that isn’t pro marriage. friendships that aren’t deeply connected. i’m committing fully to things that matter – footwear that supports my natural human foot (hello altra and earth runners!). content that encourages the formation of & lifelong growth within marriage. friendships that are loving, respectful, & true

i’m so excited to see what my body & heart can do as i continue to tend to my foundation & align with my true feminine nature 🍯

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