algebra BEFORE calculus & i DESIRE to be a WIFE

i wanted to play and try making a video when i am at my most tired – i just finished 7 night shifts and wanted to see how well i could articulate these ideas. listen to me roast myself! 😂 people can change. masculinity and femininity, men and women, are the foundation for everything. how can we as a society possibly do calculus if we can’t even agree on algebra. marriage is important – i’m intentionally saying this NOW as a single woman, because if i were to say that when i am happily married it could be easy to think “well she’s just saying that because she’s married.” no. i am claiming and admitting and honoring it from my current position! i DESIRE to be a WIFE 🍯

please watch the documentary “what is a woman?” by @mattwalshblog on @realdailywire. it’s $14 for a 1 month membership and it’s right around 1.5 hours – that’s less expensive than a movie ticket and less time than a movie or however long your netflix binge is. pay particular attention to scott newgent! i’ll give away the ending – a woman is an adult human female :))

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