boys & men

i have a soft spot for siblings, but espeeeecially for brothers 💙 yesterday was so much fun running after this wittle guy and changing my first ever diaper 😅😂

you know why i love men so much? for a gazillion reasons, and because i love the little boys they once were. you know why i love little boys so much? for another gazillion reasons, and because i respect the grown men they are becoming.

men are 100% necessary and DESIRED. i enjoyed the first “wonder woman” movie, but i HATED that line ~”when it comes to procreation, men are essential, but for pleasure, not necessary.” MEN ARE ESSENTIAL. FOR EVERYTHING. i don’t just NEED men. i WANT and DESIRE the masculine in my life! i don’t have an “inner masculine,” so i need gorgeous, generous, kind, steady, solid, powerful masculinity in my life provided by and through MEN. and men don’t have an “inner feminine,” so it is my honor and privilege to share my radiant, playful, heartfelt, expressive, flowing, grounded femininity by and through ME!

it isn’t lost on me that march is also “women’s history month.” yeah yeah yeah “go girl,” but/and, guess what? masculinity is NOT toxic. the patriarchy is NOT evil. men are BEAUTIFUL. we all rise TOGETHER, or not at all.

men, you may not hear this enough. i am working to express this more often. so allow me to put it bluntly – i’m sorry for all the times i knowingly and unknowingly emasculated you. i am learning, and i will do better. thank you for your SHEER PRESENCE in the world. not just for what you DO, but also for who you ARE. i love YOU and your silliness, your vulnerability, your penetrating energy. i respect YOU and your leadership, your vision, your masculinity. thank you for existing!

aaand that concludes #MasculineMarch of #YES #YearofEmpoweringSex!

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