broken window & open heart

we can choose HOW we experience our experiences.

i was on the freeway when my driver window exploded. i must’ve heard something because, for no reason, i looked in that direction. by the time my eyes landed there, it was broken.

i wasn’t scared. i thought it was strange, hilarious, timely. i’ve been embodying my truth & being open hearted. what a sign from the universe, continuing to shatter me wide open!

my parents made sure i was okay & asked if i swerved. i was confused by the question. my dad explained that sometimes the dangerous thing isn’t the glass breaking, but the driver freaking out, losing control, & hitting another car. i told them i drove normally & laughed about it in the moment. they were impressed & glad i was good.

i suppose it was impressive! i’ve always been cool/calm in emergencies. i don’t think i’m in CONTROL of myself; i feel like it’s more that i have DISCIPLINE with/through my body. maybe it’s how i’m wired… or the grounding, centering, trust i cultivated in myself over the years… or it’s both nature & nurture.

i was IN the experience. i wasn’t running away from, trying to analyze, or numbing myself away from it. i cracked up when glass slid from between my back/the back of my seat & down my pants/underwear. i played with the beautiful geometric pattern of the shattered glass in the light. i was grateful this happened on a saturday (not a sunday when shops are closed). i was reminded that being properly resourced can make/break a sale (of all the companies i called, only 1 had the proper glass TODAY). i enjoyed meeting the kind/cute/old father from iraq who replaced my window. i was tickled when he was vacuuming & commented that there’s more sand than glass in my car. i was delighted that the new window brand has so many signs for me – KING, ease, cool.

of course i appreciate my sharp mind, value my agile body, cherish my divine pussy. but what i am most proud of? my massive, powerful, beating HEART 🧡🔥 i love how i see & engage with the world. i love allowing LIFE to flow through my entire being & i love purposefully moving my entire BEING through life. i know my Husband will adore me… because i utterly adore myself 🍯

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