last valentine’s day as a single woman

i could have gone a lot of ways with this post… self love above all! my gals are my valentines for life! treat yo’self, you’ve earned it! no wait, you don’t need to earn rest or rewards! no wait, real self love isn’t just massages, it’s commitment to your dreams and goals! blah blah blah.

instead, i shall speak my truth – today is my laaaaast valentine’s day as a single woman!!!

there were times when this day absolutely shattered my heart. when it was painful to see happy couples and sweet families snuggled up together. when it was frustrating af to see other people being showered with affection.

even with those complex feelings, i still did my best to pour into my own cup. these are the hearts from the last few valentine’s day bouquets. my friends asked me why i kept them, what i would do with them once i met my husband. at the time, i didn’t have a reason, i just liked them! now i know – when this bouquet completes its life, i will burn these hearts in a beach bonfire. i will take a moment to mark the releasing of everything that i no longer am. i will thank my past self for making it this far and for bringing me to where i am today.

because today is a completely different plane of existence. i feel a steady confidence in
🌰 being aware of,
🌱 fully owning, and
🌲 actively aligning with
my deepest desires.

i desire to love and be loved by my MASCULINE MAN. i desire to give him all of my openness, my creativity, my playfulness, my sense of adventure, my giant heart, my zest for life, my feminine core. i desire to live my fucking legendary love story.

and i am working toward that desire.

he is coming. we will be unstoppable.

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