all in

ancient magic born anew
living life bold and true

i feel vibrantly alive, honestly ready, and deeply grounded. this is going to be a massive age. i can sense it and i am taking the delicious actions to make it so.

for my birthday, i want to know – what do you desire? i feel like there are different levels, depending on how honest you are with yourself. there are the surface level wishes that sound pretty and acceptable to society. there are the deeper yearnings that are a bit of a stretch, but you’re still able to claim them. and then there are the deepest, boldest, truest desires… the ones that you may not believe are possible, that you struggle to say aloud, that you are scared to admit to yourself. aaaah, and there’s that edge that i am embracing this year.

i am done trying to “be cool.” i am going all in on owning and pursuing my desires. i have MANY, but/and the biggest one is this – i desire to find, love, and be loved by my King – my rugged, nature loving, fierce hearted, sharp minded, strongly embodied Masculine Man.

i gifted myself @iamnamastemoore’s “dating for marriage” course. i’ve only known her work for a few months, but she and her husband have already profoundly impacted me. i have gone through everything i’ve survived/thrived and i’ve studied all the teachers i’ve learned from in order to be able to hear and RECEIVE their potent messages. when i heard that the course guarantees that you’ll be engaged within one year… i was… terrified! isn’t that ridiculous? i’ve been wanting this forever! but you’re telling me that you’re actually handing me the map to navigate this terrain… and i am pumping MY OWN brakes?

it sure is hilarious and fascinating to be a human.

i am worthy of everything i desire. i’m not just going to “magnetize” it. i am doing everything in my power to align with it and to birth it as my reality.



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