podcast coming…

i meant it when i said #JuicyJanuary. as promised – here’s a peek into my creative process!

following my intuition. i’m starting a podcast this year. probably this week.

when i THINK – i feel nervous. what do i have to say? who will listen? do i even need a microphone? how the hell do i upload it? how often will i create episodes? is this just satiating my ego, or do i actually think i can make an impact on and empower humanity?

when i LISTEN – i feel excited. honored, even, that i live in a time where i get to create something out of thin air. i know i have truths to share. i trust that i will find my footing. i am ready to take aligned action.

i’m curious – without knowing what i will talk about, how does this image make you feel? 🧡

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