grace as i continue to create

wow, posted this blog, “love notes from the single bridesmaid,” TWO years ago. since then, i’ve served as a bridesmaid for 3 more brides (over BOTH zoom bachelorettes and weddings and then IRL weddings 😅😂). as i reread my words, some feelings and thoughts come to mind…

✨ many of my sentiments still hold true.
✨ much of the nuance has shifted to be more deep, raw, and real than i was capable of being aware of at the level of evolution when i wrote that piece. i need to keep this in mind and have grace with myself as i continue to create. keep expressing my voice -and- know that Future Niki WILL look back on past creations through different eyes, because She will be different! in fact, She was very likely able to become Herself THROUGH the very things that Present Niki is making!
✨ being authentic and vulnerable can seem scary, but that’s the only way to find your resonant and aligned people. i didn’t think i’d get any likes or comments (that isn’t why i do anything in life), but was pleasantly surprised to see that this was one of my most engaging posts ever!

still single. still living during/despite/BECAUSE OF a pandemic. still learning. still loving. still being me as best as i can be at this current evolution 🧡 will see who i am when this post pops up again in 1 year!

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