delicious december

Round up of last month! I love what the human body can do.

our bodies make SENSE!

another one of my favorite foundational topics – our bodies are wise. this month, i will share ideas about how to slooooow down and really sink into all of our cells. much like how i believe nature is a source of power and renewal, i also believe our senses are a source of energy and LIFE!

like how i couldn’t choose a favorite element, i can’t choose a favorite sense. all of nature brings me joy. all of my body brings me juicy nourishment.

i am very intentional with what items i pack with me on the road, during backpacking trips, and on international flights. my notebook and watercolors are always worth the weight. art and creativity invite me to sloooooow down. SEE the world. LOOK at what i am painting. how is that mountain curved? where do the trees start to become more distant? is that cloud just white, or are there highlights of soft pinks, bold purples, and glowing oranges? is the water just blue, or is there an undercurrent of green, a hint of brown, and a shimmer of white? how could i possibly capture this gorgeous 3 dimensional landscape in my little 2 dimensional spiral?

slow down. see the world. let the world see you. all the peaks, all the valleys. all the highlights, all the shadows. all of it. YUM!

train your ears to filter out the noise and hear the most important, most powerful, most impactful sound of all – your inner voice.

i could have gone a looot of directions with this sense of taste! but i wanted to talk about… water. regular ol’, boring tap water. but is it actually boring? or can you sink into gratitude for the planet that provides it, the infrastructure that delivers it, and every cell of your body that drinks it up?

i love nature. i respect the body. and i want to empower people to sink into their natural state. i talk about NOT drinking coffee (even and especially because i work night shift!!!), expanding your palette, and sensitizing your tastebuds.

happy last full moon of 2021. been a hell of a year. and it ain’t over yet!

i bet you salivated just seeing the image of lemons 😏

warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies. moist, crisp grass after a rain storm. rejuvenating, salty ocean wind. grounded, alpine mountain air. your own sweat after a long, grueling workout. soft, clean bedsheets.

the human body absolutely amazes me. just typing those words, my brain can vividly picture, smell, taste, hear, and feel all the sensations, all the past memories, all the future dreams. imagine how much sharper and delicious life would be if you put intentional effort into being present enough to sense your entire life.

in touch with myself

my favorite sensation. could have gone a lot of different ways with touch – sensual touch, physical touch, feeling emotionally touched by something someone did to you or said to you. those are all really delicious parts of life.


the most juicy, most delectable, most satisfying, most rejuvenating touch to me is – being in touch with myself. hearing my inner voice. seeing my truth. tasting my desire. smelling my wildness.

as this year draws to a close and you see yet another journal prompt for 2021 reflection or 2022 manifestation, my invitation to you is simple – get in touch with yourself. literally sit quietly and slowly with YOU. the only way to get to where you want to go, is to be where you are now. you can’t be anywhere else but here.

and i wouldn’t want to be anywhere other than inside this ripe, natural, sensing, human woman body. 🍯

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