natural november

Round up of the first month of this project! I can’t save the videos with music, so they can only properly be viewed on Instagram.

YES! is beginning!

i love saying YES to life! obviously my year long project is honoring my natural state of being.

#YES stands for #YearofEmpoweringSex! i’m not talking about 1000 sex positions or penises in vaginas or whatever your preferred combination is. i’m talking about sexual energy and how it can empower us to ground, to expand, to know with every cell of our being that we are ALIVE! every month there will be a theme. every theme will have many ideas, questions, and invitations to dive deep and to play with our potent, powerful sexual energy!

i’ve been dancing with this for a while now. i acknowledge that this topic can be new, unknown, scary, and triggering, especially because a lot of us, myself included!, did NOT learn this stuff growing up. that being said, i want to guide us with gentle steps as we wade into this JUICY OCEAN, together! we will start with one of my favorite and one of the most easily accessible components of sexual energy – MOTHER NATURE!

excited to be here with you. stay tuned!

Water is my favorite element! i don’t just like Her… i don’t just love Her… i NEED Her. my body, soul, pussy all need Water. because i AM Water!

sometimes i am gushing. sometimes i am a mere trickle. but always, i am FLOWING. even when i look like i am still and quiet, there is an undercurrent, a pulsing, a death and a rebirth.

my favorite thing about Water is that She always provides me exactly what i need. She may not always give me what i want, but i always receive what i need. Water doesn’t just hand me this gift. Water requires me to JUMP IN. doesn’t matter if She’s a freezing alpine lake, a steady mountain river, a vast refreshing ocean, my favorite local pool, or even a summer rainstorm. i choose to SHOW UP to Water to be able to play with and dance with Her. i may not know exactly how things will unfold, but Her dynamic unknowns and Her constant presence are why i love Water with every cell of my being.

this was the sunset i got to see when i landed in san diego from new york, my first time leaving california since covid started. the sky was so beautiful, i was laughing and screaming while racing to the beach to catch this. once my feet touched Water, my body instantly relaxed and broke open. i love Her, and She loves me.

how do you show up for and with Water?

even if space travel becomes an accessible thing someday, i’d still choose to live on Earth 🧡 i am able to fly because i am grounded. my connection to Earth is my superpower. She nourishes me with Her presence, humbles me with Her range, inspires me with Her beauty, and strengthens me with Her gravity. i am never really alone, because Earth is always with me. i love You, Mama 🌍

i admit, Air is the “toughest” element for me. i feel so deeply connected to the other four. when i list off the five major elements, i somehow always come up short and forget Air. i don’t understand why He is such a challenge! even this video, i know – clouds are a form of Water, and so is the ocean.

it’s like i can’t directly access or describe Air, but He’s always around. He’s so present that i can’t imagine life without Him! in fact, i wouldn’t be alive without Air.

so how can i reeeeally capture Air? i can’t fully see Air… but i can witness Him swaying through the palm trees or the tall, dry grass. i can’t fully feel Air… but i can sense Him surrounding me, filling my lungs, coursing through my veins. i can’t fully hear Air… but i can relish in Him whipping through my tent at night, or in His dead silence that is so full of life. i can’t fully taste Air… but i can savor His freedom as i step outside after being cooped up in the hospital all night. i can’t fully smell Air… but i can inhale His essence around the salty oceans and the dark, damp forests.

i’m not a crazy huge disney fan, but pocahontas (well, and moana…) is probably my favorite princess. “just around the river bend” and “colors of the wind” were such resonant songs for me as a child. now, as a Woman, i feel their messages deep in my bones.

how could i possibly honor Air and paint with AAALLLLLL the colors of the Wind?

choosing the wood. mindfully building the structure. intentionally placing the tinder. gathering the kindling. igniting the match. listening, honoring when the flame needs air or space. feeding. feeding. feeding. fanning the flames. that sweet, rewarding moment when the fuel catches. Fire. mesmerizing, dancing, untamable. warming my soul. burning away anything and everything that isn’t utter truth. sparkling embers reminding me – i cannot be extinguished.

Mother Earth and Father Space. i remember the first new year’s eve i rang in here in san diego. i just finished a shift and was going to knock out, but decided to welcome the new year at the beach. it was pitch black, but somehow i was able to see the farthest i have ever seen into the horizon. i literally felt the Earth and the Sky surrounding me in a tight, warm, loving hug.

later that year, i left american soil to see the Aurora Borealis in iceland. i was lucky enough to witness Her my very first night. She actually doesn’t look this fluorescent… that’s just what happens when the camera exposure is open long enough to capture Her. She felt more like a soft, glowing, flowing green. it was freezing out there, but watching Her dancing with Space warmed me up from the inside out. i still get tingles when i feel into this natural rhythm and dance.

as the first month of this project comes to a close, i can’t help but notice – i actually don’t have a favorite element. none of them can be separated. Earth needs Water. Fire needs Air. Space holds all of them. all of them make up Space. this is why i love polarity so much – Masculinity needs the Feminine. Femininity needs the Masculine. not only do they need each other, but they also DESIRE each other. you cannot separate them. they dance together in the very makeup of our cells, like a dna double helix.

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