keep trusting


the more sensitive and finely tuned my radar becomes, the more i realize – my Intuition has always been here. i have always heard it. i just didn’t always TRUST what i was accessing.

as i visited the Ocean tonight, i saw the faintest glow under the crashing waves. i would know that particular shade of blue ANYWHERE. i haven’t seen the bioluminescence since those glorious 2 weeks last april-may. my fast, sharp, clever Brain chimed in, “no, it isn’t a full moon. it can’t be the red tide right now.” but i KNOW what i saw. even if it was faint, even if it was only for a second, i trusted my Body.

i continued to walk along the shore. i’m always mesmerized by my shadow being cast by the Moon. as i admired the reflection of Venus glistening on the deep sea, i saw with the corner of my eyes – more waves, in that brighter beloved blue. the Ocean was reassuring me to keep trusting my Heart.

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