Human & Divine

how do i describe the indescribable?
how do i articulate the inarticulable?
how do i paint the invisible?
how do i voice something that can only be felt, lived, experienced, cherished, savored?

… on one level – i have no fucking clue. BUT i am quite proud of my Human – i wrote for this whole month! this is a skill. obviously i can never FULLY translate my inner world into the outer world. but i can sure as hell try. i’m riding the waves and moving through the learning curve. i’m actually having FUN doing this! i’m early on in my writing career. bambi legs still finding their footing. ego still getting tripped up. spirit still needing somewhat constant reminders to ground, to breathe, to trust. right now, i’m letting myself write for as long as feels good. then i stop. i don’t force myself to keep going. i don’t stretch myself to push just a little bit more. i don’t edge myself to see what i am capable of creating. i just… stop. and this is working. for now

… yet, on another level – i know, with every atom in my body, that this is my path. i know exactly what to say, how to say it, when to share it. i know my truth. i own my wild pussy. i know how to boldly express myself. my Divine is constantly guiding me, seducing me, dancing with me, making love to me. and i can tell that she is ready for bigger, deeper, darker. she is ready to be invited, pushed, edged, held. she wants MORE

my Human is learning to listen to my Divine. my Divine is having an absolute blast getting to LIVE on this planet at this time. this is the most meaningful endeavor of my life. it is an honor and privilege to be here. i cannot wait to show you all my secrets

… but only when the time is right

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