my soul’s fight song

this is my manifesto, my grounding chant, my soul’s fight song 🥰

Wild Fierce Light
by niki unleashed

i am Woman, Feel me Roar
no longer who i was before
in the Wild i Trust myself
i love Me ‘bove anyone else
i am Infinite, Divine
my Inner Light, i let it Shine
my Pussy’s so Powerful
Creative, Strong, and Sexual
making Magic every day
Unleashing Energy to Play

(i dream of guiding women, men, kiddos, nonbinary folkx through their own wild terrain. i wrote this for MYSELF – and – i share my soul’s fight song with you. these words have the same number of syllables. interchange for what feels authentic and resonant!
“Woman” – A Man, Human
“Pussy’s” – Yoni’s, Cock is, Lingham’s)

i began writing this song as i hiked into the backcountry. my brain made up the rhymes, but the meaning and words came from somewhere deep inside. i practiced the song in a high pitch and up in my throat. as my journey unfolded over the next several days, i EMBODIED every single word. my cells were soaking in the spell i was casting. i sang from my pussy in a deep, resonant, powerful tone. i didn’t need to say the words anymore – i BECAME the words. on my hike back to my car, this effortlessly flowed through me, out of me, into me. my first solo backpacking trip unleashed something within me. i will never be the same and i cannot wait to meet the woman i am becoming. i am bringing this spice, this fire, this energy into the 2nd half of 2021 and beyond! 🔥🍯🌶

my brain thought this needed background music. but i did what i learned to do in the wild – i got quiet and i sank into my pussy. i immediately knew i didn’t need to add any noise. i surrender to completely receive the quiet and stillness of my own divine nature. i am connected to the universe. i AM the universe ✨

i am also HUMAN. my brain feels terrified to share this. what will people think? is this just a silly thing i should keep to myself? get quiet, sink inward my pussy delights in sharing this with the world! this is ME! not even with an attitude of “take it or leave it.” but rather… simply, this is me. that is all. and that magic is EVERYTHING 💦

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