forget and remember

i want to impact other people. yet, on some level, i’m writing my book for MYSELF. the lesson i’m wanting to share is the lesson i’m constantly relearning

my masculine energy has gotten me quite far in life. i’ve gotten good at maneuvering, managing, calculating, being active, brute forcing

in recent years, i’ve been tapping into my feminine energy. i’ve written about it at length, but long story short – i thought femininity was weak. now i know it’s the most powerful force on the planet. surrender, openness, relaxation, trust – these were foreign concepts to me. at times, they still are! it takes mindfulness to sink into my ancient truth of where my ACTUAL power resides

i came out of the starting gate hot and excited about this project. but i lost momentum. i got frustrated with myself. this book is important to me, why am i not prioritizing it? why am i not taking consistent action? where is the block? i haven’t even been at it for that long, how am i already tired and exhausted?

i realized – i was exerting energy in the incorrect place and effort-ing my book! i was trying to force and push it out of me, instead of letting my pussy do her natural and powerful thang. here i am wanting to share my journey of femininity – yet i defaulted into the “easy” and “societally approved” masculine way of being!

i’ve often heard of feminine energy described as being magnetic. i remembered this old art piece. now that i’ve heard these ideas articulated, pussy squeezes when i recognize them in my body. i’m making a commitment to spend my energy in the correct places now. do my breast massage, practice my sacred self-pleasure, play with my yoni egg. caress Mother Earth, dance with nature, nourish my spirit. allow my creativity to be a sexy, pleasurable, delicious, tantalizing ritual! focus on building a vital foundation. the rest will take care of itself

FORCING myself to write feels like trying to smash a dry fruit for all the juice it’s got… which is… no juice! but listening and flowing with my river feels like… tending to the soil and then the fruit just comes. i don’t even have to squeeze my fruit very much once it’s here, the juice just OOOOZES out! 🔥🍯🌶

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