learning curve

life ain’t always pretty. that’s what makes it BEAUTIFUL!

gearing up for a backpacking trip and looking through old photos. i’m sitting here cracking the fuck up at old battle scars and everything i’ve learned along the way

mosquitoes LOVE me. i have no idea why, and it is certainly not mutual πŸ˜‚πŸ¦Ÿ as i was hiking in for my first trip, i noticed people hiking out were wearing this weird mesh over their hats that fully covered their faces. i thought it was odd but was enjoying the scenery too much and i didn’t think much of it… until i realized what it was. i counted over 50 bites that trip, many of them on my poor face. i legit would’ve paid someone $300 for a head net while i was out there. you can’t just run to REI or order from amazon when you’re in the wilderness! i improvised as best i could with the resources i had. it was hot as shit, but i tied my sun hoodie around my face, and i wore my impenetrable rain shell while hiking. it worked!

as soon as i got back on the grid, i immediately ordered TWO head nets. now i always carry them with me. they are 100% worth their weight. i internally laugh like a maniac as i watch the mozzies (mosquitoes) swarm around me. they can’t get me through my net and my nonstretch shirt/pants. i love getting older and growing wiser!

i don’t drink coffee and i don’t care for mashed potatoes or rice, so i don’t carry a stove since the weight isn’t worth it to me. i was thinking about what carbs would be delicious and easy, and it hit me – CLUB CRACKERS! they’re buttery, flaky, salty rectangles of heaven. i only let myself eat them when i’m out there, and i’m so excited to devour them once again 🀀 what’s your go-to backpacking food? i have my kit, but i’m always curious to hear how creative people get!

this trip down memory lane reminded me that every hobby, every sport, every endeavor i’ve ever undertaken has had a learning curve. why did i think writing a book would be any different!? i’m riding the waves and enjoying this not-always-pretty-and-therefore-beautiful journey!

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