it’s not you, it’s ME!

conventional wisdom and marketing strategies may suggest NOT spilling all the beans up front. but i have always valued honesty and clarity, especially at the beginning of any journey. i am extremely blunt. lucky you! i am going to summarize my entire book, hell, my life’s philosophy!, right here:

✨ IT WAS NEVER ABOUT THE GUY. it was always about me! ✨

i’m surprised i even have to say this, but i know sexuality – and creativity! – can seem like very taboo and triggering topics. i plan to share my unique perspective and approach to them. OBVIOUSLY i will NOT be sharing any dick pics or identifying information! come on folks, what kind of human do you think i am!? 😂 i have integrity and ethics

what i WILL share is the thing that i am an expert in – myself! sure, other characters may momentarily appear in my story. but the overall arc, the deep undertones, the surface level details are all about ME and what i discovered about MYSELF through these experiences

i’ll say it again – it was never about the guy

🔥 it’s about the green student turned seasoned professional

🍯 it’s about the naive cub turned wild tiger

🌶 it’s about the sweet girl turned bold queen

it’s about the challenges i overcome, the human struggles i face, the neurons i rewire. it’s about how i previously used logic to override my intuition. it’s about how i now constantly access and actively heed the whispers of my inner knowing

i’m not claiming to be perfect. i’m not saying i’m fully grown. but i have travelled quite a distance in MY inner universe. and i want to share that with you in the hopes that it may comfort you when you’re lonely, encourage you when you’re taking action, and empower you to become YOUR most fully expressed self

it ain’t about the guy, people. YOUR life is ABOUT YOU 👑

#unleashyourself #herriver

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