“a woman & her river”


From telling my then-boyfriend, “I want a broken heart!” to actually getting a broken heart…

From never having been kissed until a whopping 24-years-old to fine tuning an entire Sex Spreadsheet of lovers, including a birthday girl whose wish I fulfilled…

From zero outdoor experience to camping by myself every other week for four months straight…

From failing a board exam by merely 2 points to running entire hospitals as the solo night shift pharmacist…

Welcome to my world.

The most powerful truth that I’ve learned in my 31 years thus far is – creative energy is sexual energy, and sexual energy IS creative energy. I’m beyond thrilled (and, honestly, a little terrified!) to be writing “A Woman and Her River,” my debut book! I will reveal my journey through love, heartbreak, outdoor adventures, sexual discoveries, creativity, and more. We will explore intense droughts, peaceful streams, stormy monsoons, gushing waters, and everything in between on the path to fully unleashing your most bold, true, and wild self.

I am a woman who listens to the intuitive currents of my river. Join the list to receive my inconsistently and spontaneously sent newsletter that will divulge snippets of how I use creative, sexual, LIFE FORCE energy not only in bed, but also in every arena of my life. A gift that I will share when I feel the time is right – a template for you to create your very own Sex Spreadsheet. Whether you’re slowly dipping your toes in or you’re ready to dive head first into the water, come play with me! We’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Let’s get flowing!

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