one year later

chopped off >14″ & donated to a year ago! since then, i’ve grown ~8-9″! (haven’t gotten any trims.) maybe i’ll be super fertile when it’s time to try for kiddos ğŸ¤·ğŸ»â€â™€ï¸ğŸ¤žğŸ½ğŸ˜‚ i feel healthy & grateful my mama cooked me so good! 🥰


(if you’re curious, my extremely lazy hair regimen: use @sheamoisture’s african black soap dandruff control shampoo & coconut/hibiscus curl/shine conditioner. air dry. blow dry ~3x/year, curl ~4-5x/year for special events. french braid a lot [LOVE the waves from unbraiding!] otherwise, wear it down or in a ponytail. don’t do anything special for sleep. don’t take supplements. drink lots of water. chlorinated pool & salty ocean water don’t affect me much)


i’ll donate again; maybe 6-12 months? incredible feeling! a SIMPLE thing i have in abundance could be a COMPLEX thing for someone else. i can only imagine the physical/psychological impact of HAIR on young kids (let alone adults) – watching yourself/a loved one lose it, possible bullying/self-esteem issues, getting/adjusting to a wig, & all the nuances in between


info i’d like to share:

🌻 you don’t have to donate HAIR to help. wigs are normally provided for free. they’re expensive to make! kids grow quickly & may need a new one every 1-3 years. organizations also need MONETARY donations to help with production costs. taxes are almost due again 😏 please consider donating!

🌻 wigs are made of hair from SEVERAL people

🌻 BOYS use wigs, too! obviously, the longer, the better, but you don’t have to donate 12″. the following organizations have these minimums

➡️ @wigs4kids >=7″

➡️ @cwhl_org >=8″

➡️ >=12″

🌻 don’t chop off your hair in 1 ponytail (loses usable length). separate it in 4-6 SECTIONS of ponytails/braids. band each section every 2-3″ (keeps it tidy)

🌻 make sure it’s DRY (wet hair can get moldy & unusable in the mail)

🌻 you’ll get a receipt that the organization received your hair donation. i keep it to document that there are little sprinkles of my DNA floating out in the world! 👍🏽


what do YOU have…

… that others NEED/WANT

… and you can GIVE? 🔥

(video of me chopping it off here! –

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