allow my river to FLOW & allow myself to GROW

still taking a break from social media but wanted to quickly pop on. i feel called to share my titles! i didn’t realize it until just now while observing the dates of these photos – my stories have been in the making for YEARS. it’s so wild to me – i carve my live & my life carves me

i’m so in love with the creative group i’m in. we wrote commitments to ourselves and to each other. amber is holding such beautiful space for us. i can feel all the magic that’s cookin’ up in here!!! i shared my commitments on my blog at

the books i am writing are… “a woman and her river,” and an illustrated kids’ version, “a girl and her river.” even just typing those titles out LIGHT ME UP SO MUCH!!! as much as i am writing the stories… the stories are also writing me. honored to be on this path of mine πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­πŸ˜πŸ”₯πŸ’¦

also it’s MLK day, not just “a day off from work.” sharing some things in my stories. NOT going to just share one of his quotes and dilute his message with positivity. his speeches are honest, real, raw expressions of his experiences and calls to ACTION. what will you DO to not just honor, but also to carry ON his legacy?

okay bye again πŸ˜‚βœŒπŸ½

I, NIKI UNLEASHED!, commit to my highest and fullest creative expression.

My intention in Creative Alchemy is to write (and be written BY) my two books – “A Woman and Her River,” and the illustrated kids version, “A Girl and Her River.” I want to feel 

    vibrant – alive, bold, wild
    juicy – WET, oozing, flowing, gushing, bursting
    playful – FUN, energized, light, boisterous laughter, sly smiles, (grounded LOL) excitement, dynamic, BIG DICK ENERGY!
    capable – DOING THE DAMN THING!, trusting myself
    raw – honest, real, authentic, integrity
    powerful – taking up my full space, strong, solid, steady, piercing clarity, focused
    feminine – magnetic, radiant, surrendered, trusting, open, soft
    peaceful – calm, grounded, centered, balanced
    present – curious, observant, savoring/cherishing the moment. Life goes FREAKING FAST and this is but ONE phase of my journey. I want to remember what this space/time feel like, who I am in this current moment. I have a hunch that CA will be a milestone/highlight in my life.
    awestruck – slight disbelief at all the magic that is flowing, receptive to and trusting that this is my choice, my doing, and my destiny

in my pursuit of it.

I recognize that fear & resistance will emerge throughout this journey & I commit to dancing with and rising above them. When I begin to resist my creativity, I will 

    stand up or lie down, hold my heart and my pussy, and take 11 slow deep breaths
    play with my jade egg and/or glass dildos – “meditate, masturbate, create”
    get quiet and look inward – NOT turn outward for answers
    physically write 1 page – NOT scroll
    go touch the ocean – no matter what time it is
    drink a full glass of water
    do the next right thing
    slowly read this document aloud! πŸ˜›

When and if I feel stuck, I want to remind myself that 

  • I have the capability, responsibility, and power to tend to my own flame.
  • My path is MY path. It is OKAY that it looks different – from others’ paths, and even/ESPECIALLY from the path that I was expecting for myself. Life is not a competition.
  • I have a deep, innate, wild knowing within me. I can trust it, whether it is roaring loudly or “just” whispering! I am the highest authority in my own life.
  • The ultimate point of anything/EVERYTHING is to explore and KNOW myself to the fullest capacity.
  • No matter what I do or don’t do, become or don’t become – I am loved. I AM love.
  • Aaaand to bring it back to my books – and my life – “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” – Heraclitus. Allow my river to FLOW. Allow myself to GROW.

Here’s to me unleashing and becoming all that I’m meant to be – and all that I ALREADY am.



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