helloooo, 31! i just realized – i am closer to 40 than i am to 18!!! and i am perfectly content with that 🥰 i LOVE getting older, giving less fucks, and staying young in spirit!

i was going to travel but it just felt… not right… given the status of the world. i may have my full vaccine series, but i am not invincible, and i could still pass it on to others who are vulnerable. so, i spent my day here with the ocean, and it was amazing! nothin like the smell of sunscreen and the sound of dirt under my feet 😍

going to take a bit of a break from social media. i want to focus going ALL IN on…

🧡 making my 2 books

🧡 making more muscles

🧡 making sweet, passionate love to LIFE!!!

catch ya on the flip side! will come back and reply to greetings eventually. my tat is a year old tomorrow! and i know the 1 year mark of my oly meet is coming up… which means it’s almost been 1 year since i chopped off my hair… will probably be back online to share a comparison pic, because i really wonder how many inches i grew in a year! grateful i have my pigtail braids back, i missed them

thank you to @heyamberrae for the inspiration to log off. read her caption – i think of my tombstone often, and WOW, i don’t want it to say THAT! painted this years ago, before i started writing the date on my art. though i probably won’t have a tombstone… i think i want to be turned into a tree, or scattered in different rivers/oceans! and thank you for hosting creative alchemy, i am so excited to dive in boldly! i will still be writing and wanting to share, so head to nikiunleashed.com to stay connected!

one last parting sentiment for now… yesterday i was feeling overwhelmed with the SPOT ON super thoughtful gifts and cards i got and couldn’t wait to open. i thought that life is just going to continue to get more and more overwhelming with love and abundance as i get older. but then it hit me – i actually don’t even have to worry about feeling overwhelmed! that will take care of ITSELF as i focus on expanding and deepening my CAPACITY to receive and surrender! i was pleasantly surprised when that idea clicked. here’s to more shockers as i get older and become more myself!

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