i’ve been thinking about social dynamics. a connection just clicked. some background…

idea 1 – i have an instinct that my upcoming date will go well and that we’ll both want a 2nd date. it’s rare for me to want a 2nd, so we’ll see! i know my fam/friends want this for me, but there isn’t really anything they can DO to help. if they even know of any single guys, it isn’t a mutual fit. all they can do is be here for me. of course i appreciate it

idea 2 – i know i post a lot of random shit. comes with being a curious/vocal human. i also know i have lurkers out there 😉 i get random messages from people saying they enjoy my posts. i appreciate it. but i don’t post for comments/accolades… i selfISHLY do it to express myself, and i selfLESSLY do it because if my unique experiences help someone else, then i want to do so. i actually ENJOY ruffling feathers/creating a bit of a storm/holding up a mirror/asking provoking questions. i ALSO enjoy sharing how i find peace/calm in life’s storms. my point is, for all the people who comment, there are a bunch who don’t. for all the people who lurk/sporadically message, there are a bunch who don’t. i have no idea how big/far my ripple effect is. i don’t/can’t know [1] how MANY people i’m reaching and [2] how DEEPLY i’m affecting them. i would hope that my posts, at minimum, bring a bit of joy; at maximum, invite/challenge people to think/feel/act differently

connection – it finally hit me what my friends and family CAN DO to help me on my love journey: BE THEMSELVES. we all influence each other, whether or not we like it or are aware of it. the more you elevate yourself, the more you elevate your CIRCLE. so what if your single friend isn’t a fit for me – he may be a fit for someone else! you elevating your circle, elevates him, which helps him find his partner and vice versa. i would hope that wherever my future man is, that his circle is elevating him, and he is elevating them. my circle certainly elevates me. i have no idea who i am helping or how i am helping my circle, but i hope that, BY BEING MYSELF, i am helping elevate the collective

[11/13/2020, stairway to mirror lake, yosemite]

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