2021 intentions

others may see weeds. i choose to see wishes. and then i get to WORK!

i’m keeping my goals private, but i’ll share my intentions.

[1] “take surrendered ACTION.” while i enjoy my stillness, life ultimately requires me to show up. i do so with boldness and vibrancy.

[2] “actively SURRENDER.” i consciously trust the universe and the flow of my life. i trust myself.

[3] “keep it SPICY.” i may be short and sweet, but i am tiny and mighty, too. i express my truth clearly and voice myself unapologetically. i throw my own flavor into the mix.

[4] “WILD WOMAN.” i’m still making my way through this profound book. when i feel like i’m starting to lose my footing, i utter these two words to myself. they have a way of snapping me back to the reality of my sharp, agile, powerful nature. 🔥

this is the energy i’m bringing and the space i’m holding for 2021. it’ll be halloween/thanksgiving/christmas again before i know it. cheers to the unfolding of this clean slate and the next 12 months!

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