chisel away at the greatest project of my life

wanted to pop on really quickly because i finally saw a female image of this!!! i’ve loved the male one for years and always wanted to see a female iteration. but i canNOT find who the heck the artist is! if anyone knows, please lmk so i can credit appropriately


art is meant to evoke emotion and stir something deep within us. i guess this image is several years old and elicits comments about fatfobia and how this is an inaccurate image of how physiology actually works. obviously it isn’t 100% scientifically accurate 🤦🏻‍♀️ that’s not the point!


what this elicits in me – we can choose who we want to be. that is our power. we have the potential within us, and the tools are in our hands to chisel away at the greatest project of our lives – ourselves!


female sculpture (i don’t even know what medium it is)

title unknown

artist unknown


male 3D rendering


lean alvesan & alex meireles

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