i bought myself a ring

relax, i’m not engaged 😂


there’s a receipt sitting under my tree. it’s a gift from me, to me


i went stag to my high school prom. my classmates’ parents were so proud of me for doing that, but it honestly wasn’t a big deal in my head. it was so simple – i didn’t need a man’s permission to attend MY OWN prom. turns out, half the girls who were stressing about dates ended up crying in the bathroom that night over something that date did/didn’t do. i just had a blast dancing with my friends and eating (what i thought at the time was) good food


fast forward some… dang, 12 years later. i wanted a nice-ish ring to wear daily. i don’t need a man’s permission or invitation to have one. so, i went and got one for myself!


i was just going to order online but decided to pop into the showroom. glad i did! i thought i wanted skinny and matte, but turns out my body liked the feel of medium and shiny. i chose rose gold, it’ll arrive the day after my birthday!


i know the holidays and social media and, well, 2020, can be “a lot.” but you do you, boo. log off when you need to, for as long as you need to do so. even if no one else understands you, ESPECIALLY if no one else understands you… it’s probably because you’re forging your own path. keep trusting and expressing yourself ✨

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