settling, sprinkles, and cranking it up a notch

one month left of being 30 🥺 i love this age!


december always puts me in a reflective mood. yesterday i finished my coaching with @kelsey__renae and the call was as magical as always. i’ve grown SO. MUCH. this year. it feels like i’ve completely shaken up the foundation and snowglobe of my life. and now it feels like it’s time to just… SETTLE. let the snow fall beautifully and coat the landscape of my life. i feel like i rooted down really deeply – i am the most SOLID i have ever felt! i’m not making any to-do lists or “goals” for 2021 – i just have a feeling of wanting these deep roots to expand and… find their place effortlessly. ease. surrender. trust. relax knowing that all this work is getting me to exactly where i need to go


we talked about sprinkles 😂 so this is my homage and reverence to all the work i have done this year. my tattoo’s significance is never lost on me – triangles are the strongest shape. things change AND things stay the same. our most valuable asset is time, so respect it and live it wisely


i don’t want, or need, to fundamentally change who i am. and. i feel like KICKING THINGS UP a notch! in how i dress, how i write, how i move, how i express. crank up the volume juuuust that little bit. dial in and make those fine tune adjustments. add some little sprinkles to the amazing life i already have. come from that energy of “one more notch” 🔥⚡️


also a sea lion was swimming and jumping in front of me and i always take nature’s little winks as signs that i am on the aligned path for me 🥰

2 thoughts on “settling, sprinkles, and cranking it up a notch

  1. Love your positive outlook on life Niki. It is refreshing and rare.

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