understanding men

these books changed my life

these ebooks are 45% off til 11/30 at alisonarmstrong.com! see ch 1 for free at queenscode.com

I LOVE MEN. they’re beautiful, vibrant, fun. i grew up with an incredible father, amazing brothers, and even my former lover/now friend is a great man. perhaps i got lucky, perhaps my experiences gifted me this view. i see how strong, grounded, generous men are. i see sweet, playful, tender little boys inside who just want to love and be loved

(i’m not saying men ALWAYS have to “be strong.” i’m not saying women aren’t ALSO “strong.” i have more thoughts – will share later! – but i want to briefly post NOW so you can jump on these before 11/30)

i already loved men. i thought i respected and admired them. i was proud of my tinder days and how i guided friends through their own sexcapades. i thought i was empowered. i did my best with what i KNEW – at the time. now? i see things differently

“men are pigs/trash. we don’t need them!” i’ve said these myself. it never dawned on me that WE may bring out the worst in THEM. these books taught me how to bring out their BEST. not as a slick manipulation, but as a profound language they understand. it’s not easy, and i still mess up, but it’s more FUN, effective, and honest! men are not hairy, misbehaving women – i laughed the first time i read that 😂 if we SEE them for who they ARE, not judge them for who WE think they SHOULD be – men are gorgeous!

with this new outlook, it’s been tough to consume certain movies/shows/songs or even talk to certain friends. women cutting men down is RAMPANT in our culture. it physically hurts to see the conscious (and UNconscious) ways we HURT men. yes, they objectify us. AND, it’s possible they do it as a RESPONSE to how we castrate them. they objectify/we emasculate because they/we think it’ll keep them/us safe

in reality, we are safest when EVERYONE is fully empowered. i’ve always thought – feminism is good, but/and we canNOT leave men behind in our dust. we rise TOGETHER, or not at all

<$14 for 2 books. gift yourself a perspective that will shift your life. i don’t want to be alone in this knowledge! it’ll be fun to support each other living this new way. “i lay down my sword!”

i think BOTH men and women will benefit greatly from reading these. i read queen’s, then keys, and now reading queen’s again. if you know me, you know i LOVE “the four agreements” – i’ve gifted it to >30 people! and yet, dare i say it – these two books can have an even more powerful impact on our lives

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