the radio, menus, and dating

how do you listen to the radio and order food?

i usually flip through all the stations, remember which one is playing the song i want to hear, and then land on that after i’ve circled through everything else

i usually look at the menu, yelp, and instagram for pictures before going to a restaurant. when i arrive, i usually read through every single item. eating out is a treat, and i want to maximize/optimize the opportunity by making sure that i choose the absolute best thing that i feel like eating for that meal

but lately…

i haven’t been doing that. i’ll scan the radio until i hear something i want, and then *BOOM*, i just let myself enjoy the music. i’ll read a menu, and somehow my eye automatically lands on exactly what i didn’t even know that i happened to be craving, and then *BOOM*, i just let myself enjoy the nourishment. i don’t worry about all the other infinite possible things i could be missing out on – i just ground into what is in front of me in this moment

i think there are parallels in dating. there’s no way i can date on the planet. i know he already exists somewhere – i’ve felt his energy! and he has to be alive – because i ain’t marrying someone 30 years younger than me 😂 i feel like my new way of engaging with the radio and menus is going to apply to this life arena, too. like i mentioned in one of my recent blogs – i don’t believe in love at first sight. love is an action that you mindfully cultivate and build over time. i do believe in RECOGNITION at first sight. and i’m fine tuning this intuitive knowing

ehhhh actually – that knowing always existed. but what i’m doing now is – actually LISTENING to what i am trying to tell myself!!! ✨🔥

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