Maybe I’m just getting older, maybe it’s just this wild year, but PERSPECTIVE has been a huge thing for me lately.

Of course things make me mad; of course I get frustrated; of course I get stuck in comparison – I’m only human. I compare myself to the artists/entrepreneurs I look up to and think I’m not doing enough or I make it out that it’s so hard to achieve financial freedom. I compare myself to family/friends and think I’m “too much” or “not enough.” But sometimes it just takes zooming in/out a bit to see the micro/macro of my life.

The world is VERY complex right now (always has been? just opening my eyes this year?). But right now, at this point in time and space – I feel SO GRATEFUL. I have the best job (that is stable!) and boss I’ve ever had. The beach is a 3 minute drive/10 minute walk away from where I sleep. I have a place to sleep and a little corner of the world to make my own. I have an amazing team supporting my healing and growth. I have family and friends who witness me and who allow me to witness them.

I have beautiful memories on which to look back. I have the capacity to build a future about which I am very excited. I have a level of freedom that is unique to this season of my life. I have a “here & now” that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I know “breathe” can be a trigger word lately, but that’s always what I come back to during a challenging hike, a hard workout, or after watching a patient die after we gave it our very best shot during a code blue… My heart is pumping and my lungs are breathing. That’s kind of all I technically need. Everything else is figure-out-able. And I’m grateful to be here for the ride of a lifetime 🌿

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