We Just Forgot

Wow, I drew this FOUR years ago!?

I wasn’t really using Instagram at the time, so I just used part of my last name. I was wanting to start sharing more art publicly and was trying to think of a name for my handle. I wanted to start with drawing some inspirational words or images on the wall at my home beach. I had writer’s block for several days.

It finally hit me in the shower – UNLEASH YOURSELF. When I wasn’t trying, when I had already laid the ground work, when I made space for it – the answer made itself known to me. It came to me with ease. May I continue to make space for the things I don’t yet even know that I want/need. 🧡

I thought about changing my handle again. “Unleash yourself” will always be a call-to-action for me… and yet… WE ARE ALREADY UNLEASHED. WE ALWAYS WERE. WE JUST FORGOT. We don’t have to do anything or become anyone else to be UNLEASHED. I will keep my name @nikiunleashed to remind myself – I AM ALREADY FREE. 🌻✨

Speaking it into existence – I want to paint a big ass mural someday!

#unleashyourself #freedom #unleashingtogether #chalkart

2 thoughts on “We Just Forgot

  1. Love it Niki!

    Rajul A. Patel, PharmD, PhD
    Professor: Department of Pharmacy Practice
    University of the Pacific
    Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy


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