#AdventuringWithCreativity – Idea # 1 – Awareness – COLORS

My first 5k race 6 years ago. Before wearing glasses and a face covering were cool 😂 I didn’t want to aspirate the colored powder and figured I could just wear a buff. Worked like a charm!

I thought about waiting until I had more prompts lined up, but screw it: practice what I preach! I firmly believe that the more you create, the more the juices will flow right through you. Like I shared earlier, my dream is to eventually to mix [[ adventures + playing outside + artistic creativity ]] all together on backpacking trips! But I’m going to start small and locally while covid unfolds and my elbow heals 🌰🌱🌿🌲🏕

Let’s begin #AdventuringWithCreativity! [[ Idea #1 ]] Before even putting pen to paper or brush to canvas, one of the most powerful tools to sharpen as an artist is AWARENESS. The next run or neighborhood walk you go on, open your eyes! Let’s start with COLORS. How many shades of green can you find? How does it show up in the grass, trees, bushes, leaves, flower stems? How does the sky shift from pink to orange at sunset? Try taking your polarized sunglasses on and off – how does that change your perspective? Are the clouds really just white, or are there highlights of yellow and purple? Are all stop signs the same shade of red? What about the dirt, how do different shades show up when it is wet or dry? How many colors can you count in the flowers you see and smell around you? What about in the dogs and birds you hear?

Comment below with what you observe! Even just writing this, I feel more ideas wanting to flow through me. More to come as we begin #unleashingtogether!

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