The smallest detail can make the biggest impact.

I’ve been wearing glasses since as early as the 8th grade. I’ve always enjoyed dark frames. At this year’s eye exam, I chose to go with a clear frame for the first time. I wanted to change up my style a bit and go for something fresh. I did not realize how big of a difference these clear frames would make. Much more light comes through now, in the daytime and especially in the evenings. I don’t have a fuzzy dark frame blurring my periphery anymore. I feel like I can see so much more of the world… and that the world can more clearly see me.

As I was driving one night blown away by my new field of vision, I thought: what other things are ever so slightly preventing me from fully living? They don’t even have to be big things! I was unaware of how much my dark frames affected me, until I tried something new and allowed myself to see the change. What little things are weighing me down, and how can I remove them? What tiny things would enhance my life, and how can I do them more often? Shifting the one tiny detail of my eyeglasses has largely opened up an expanded field of vision. What else can I adjust and fine tune in order to gift myself completely different experiences? How can I change the framework of my life and how I view the world?

I observe that I’m bracing myself for the daunting task of making my annual end-of-the-year collage. It’s actually enjoyable to look back on my year, remember the adventures, express gratitude for the highs and the lows, and see how far I have come. The challenge is to somehow fit everything into one collage. Every year, I think it can’t be done. Every year, I think there’s no way I’ll be able to “top” this in the upcoming year. And yet, every year, I’m somehow more myself, having more fun, and living more authentically than ever. I feel accomplished when I hit that sweet spot moment of all the photos fitting perfectly together. I’m excited to tackle this challenge in the next few days.

As the decade and my 20s draw to a close, I am reflecting on who I have become and everything that I have gone through to get here. I am letting myself feel into what I want to explore and play with as I enter this brand new decade and my 30s. I feel deep gratitude for my past. I feel solidly grounded in my present. I feel excited anticipation for everything coming in my future. With clearer and broader vision, I can’t wait to see what I will unleash in my life, and what my life will unleash in me.

2 thoughts on “framing

  1. LOVE THIS. Such a thought provoking post and question. Had goosebumps reading it. And there is a new quality to your writing voice that I am really loving. Excited to see your collage !


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