international women’s day

i will admit: growing up with two brothers, i thought “femininity” was weak. i wanted to be rough and tumble like them. i wanted to play outside and be good at sports. i rejected caring about fashion/style/makeup. i was DEFINITELY a tomboy, kind of still am. i wasn’t looking forward to needing to wear a bra when i grew up LOL but my oh my, i have done a lot of inner work and now, i think feminity is the most powerful and diverse force in the world

i was in a professional fraternity in grad school, in which males and females were all brothers. i loved my experiences and continue to enjoy the relationships i’ve built with them. but i was always curious what it’d be like to be in a sorority. i just realized… we women all belong to the same sorority: we are in this sisterhood for LIFE! i’ve had the honor and pleasure of supporting sisters through their journeys, and having them support me through mine. we lift each other up and hold space for one another. i am proud to be in this alongside the fierce women in my life

i freaking LOVE being a woman. we have come so far and will continue growing infinitely. we are strong, vulnerable, resilient, powerful, creative, artistic, athletic, adventurous, gorgeous, beautiful, intelligent, witty, hilarious. brave, bold. we are curious, expansive, kids-at-heart AND old-souls at the same time. i used to think that “femininity” had to look a certain way. now i know that it truly cannot be contained. sharing some favorite shots of myself because i felt ALIVE, feminine, and grounded in myself in all of them. sure i’m wearing different clothes, doing different activities, and am varying levels of made-up… but all are ME. and i’m so excited to see all the other ways i get to unleash my femininity in this lifetime

happy international women’s day, ladies. keep on keepin on

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