keep showing up

I started this blog 1 year ago today!

Time is so crazy to me. It can simultaneously fly by and drag on forever. So much can change, stay the same, deepen, strengthen, develop, evolve, and unleash within a year, or even within a 6 month period.

You can read my first post here. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I think I’ve grown my skill this past year. My posts and shorter and sweeter, and more authentic to who I am becoming.

My first topic was to “just start,” and I still firmly believe in that concept. I will never feel 100% ready for anything in life; that is okay. Acknowledge it and do “it” anyway. Whatever “it” is – take the leap and trust that my wings can handle it. This past year I “just did” a LOT of things that I didn’t feel completely prepared for, but I am grateful I jumped. If I hadn’t written and published that first post when I did, who knows how long I would have delayed! If I delayed my first camping trip out of fear, I never would have expanded myself and discovered how much I love it!

This is one of my favorite pictures of myself, taken by a dear friend, Kym Pham. I was in Azores, Portugal. There is something deeply powerful about seeing yourself in a new light after having said “yes!” to something new… in this case, a fun photo shoot. I didn’t feel “ready” for it because I didn’t even have time to think about it; My Soul just knew what She wanted, and She jumped for it. I hope to continue to hone and express this heart-led action more often.

This coming year, I want to continue to build upon the foundation I have established. I confidently know myself now. The theme I want to focus on is to keep showing up for myself. I *HAVE* to show up for myself because no one else is going to or is capable of living my life for me. I *GET* to show up for myself, and it is a blessing that I am of sound body, mind, and spirit to do so. I get to be in the arena, in the playing field, in the thick of my own life! Showing up for myself can mean many things:

  • gifting myself rest when I need a break (this one is honestly a work in progress)
  • gifting myself a new experience when I need adventure
  • gifting myself delicious and healthy food when I feel hungry (and learning how to cook more)
  • gifting myself fun workouts when I have energy to burn… and especially when I feel lethargic
  • gifting myself time and space to keep creating (and do something with all of my travel footage)
  • gifting myself the time, effort, and energy to become even more financially fit
  • gifting myself solitude when I need to reconnect with my best friend
  • gifting myself companionship when I need human connection
  • most importantly – gifting myself curiosity, exploration, and wonder when I feel like I DON’T know what I need

I’m very excited to see where this next year, this last year of my 20s, takes me. I wonder what I will be writing about in another year’s time! If I just keep showing up for myself, I fully trust that everything is going to be more than okay. Life is going to be more amazing than I can possibly even imagine right now.

How can you “just start” today? How can you keep showing up for yourself?

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